Here are some stories from our patients who have benefited from our services and hearing aids.

I’m 67yrs old in good health. Have not been able to enjoy parties or social gatherings for the last 20 yrs.’ or so

The Story

I have a very good friend that I go fishing with for the last 12 years. When I met him he could not hear me unless he was looking directly at me then It was only a 50, 50 chance that he would be able to hear. This cost me a lot of fish and cash as well as hurt to my ego. In the pass as I would yell for the net and he would not respond but say he didn’t hear me this was tournament fishing which paid large cash dollars rewards to the winner. I always forgave him as he was otherwise a great guy well yrs. later my hearing was also going so I went to a few doctor’s and to a few different hearing centers and tried several different hearing aids. Well low and behold I hear from my old friend he invited me to go out on his boat to go fishing I agreed we set a time and date to meet after we hung up I remembered all the times he said he didn’t hear my pleads for the net and thought great time to get even if he got a trophy bass on which was not unusual for him as he is a very skilled sports man.

Well the day came we met at the boat ramp and loaded up the boat. I asked for some last minute instructions and we were off I noticed I didn’t raise my voice and John my friend heard me but it was I that kept asking him to repeat himself to me. This seemed strange, as I had my hearing aids in both ears as we were running up the river I could not hear anything over the motor noise. I noticed john put a finger up to his ear and all of a sudden he could hear me even with the motor running when we arrived at his fishing location I was the first one to get a strike when I hooded up this large month he jumped and splashed back into the water by the time I was able to control the fish and get the fish to the boat with my great skills, John was there with the net and I had the biggest fish I ever had on in the river I owe it all to a great son who taught me how to lure fish and the great netting skills of
my new friend john. After we got the fish safely in the boat I asked john how he knew to get the net he said he heard the fish jump.

Right then and there I wanted to know what was the difference did he have ear operation since the last time we meet? His reply was the he finally found a doctor, which knew what he needed. He had some of the same problems I had, could not hear high pits sounds or when there was loud back ground noise such as the motor running that is why he touched the aid in his ear while we were running up river it eliminated most of the back ground noise. I asked for the name of the doctor he give me Robert Grozalis of the Audiology Center ofYeardley.

When I got home I MADE AN APPIONTMENT, THE DAY BEFORE my appointment THE OFFICE called to confirm the appointment ( that helps me) I arrived and had a cup of coffee that is always available then seen the Doctor he ran tests on me to conform the reports that were done peevishly. He explained everything to me in lay man’s terms and suggested I invest in the same type device my friend had I sure wanted to be able to hear like him so I invested in a pair at first the doc. Had to adjust them for me and I had to finally get my ears cleaned as I was coming back each week saying They stopped working he would take me into his backroom and show me all the wax in them after cleaning them they work great again . Not one time did he loss patients with me. After going to get my ears cleaned he showed me ways of keeping them clean

The only drawback now is my wife knows I can hear her. So if you or anyone you know would like to hear their grandchildren or fish on I would recommend the Audiology Center ofYardley phone #215-321-2337 this referral was not solicited I believe that good service should be rewarded.

Dave R.